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Great Betting Strategies For Winning Craps

Winning craps just might be a little less about gambling than you think. Learning the basics right from the beginning can get you started off on the right foot, starting with the very first thing you need to know - it's all about limiting your losses and knowing the rules backward and forward.

Hang On To Your Money

If you want to know how to prosper playing craps, hang on to your money and don't let it fly away from you. Don't gamble with money you don't have. If you have planned a big trip to Vegas, you probably have a certain budget to spend on gambling and might become depressed if you lose it all. Don't feel like it's fine to throw away a hundred dollars just because you still have a few more with you.

Smart Strategies

Here is an example of smart wagering that you can learn from. If you are at a $5 minimum game, and you buy in with $100, start off with a $5-12 maximum wager. This can give you a chance to lock in a little pad of profit before you start increasing them. You would need to have a minimum of $110 in the chip rack before you can start increasing the wagers. Place that $5 on the pass line and if it wins, press. Even better, keep that $5 and put it on odds.

Another Strategy

Playing on more than just line bets is another strategy you can bring out occasionally. The basic system goes like this. When you play the line, odds, use your place profit to press the odds to maximum. When wagering 6 and 8 inside or across, you should only press numbers with the best odds and use the extra couple dollars you may win to press 4, 5, 9, and 10 - but mainly focus on 6 and 8. Remember not to keep endlessly pressing as you need to take some profit with you on each press in order to keep moving forward and getting the experience you need to start winning craps regularly.

3rd Betting Strategy

Here is a final strategy system that you can try. While you should never try to use a system that solely encourages prop bets, you could occasionally make it work for you via a hedge bet on your pass line. If it costs a dollar and pays out seven, and if you roll craps in Come Out, you can get a two dollar profit. You should only do this if you have made some profits already so that a dollar loss will not damage any progress.

Final Tips For Your Game

Even though having a good knowledge of how the game works can really help lessen the casino's edge, just keep in mind that it can never be totally eliminated. Changing normal probabilities is the only way to come out on top with any real consistency. Now that you know a little more about winning craps, get out there and put some of these strategies to work at the table.